We’re on the way to reinventing how shops work together.

Having raised $7.4M — we have gas in the tank. Better yet, our friends at Caraway, Haus, West & Willow, Brightland, and 500+ more independent retailers are along for the ride. If you have to pee, do it now before we leave.

Step Inside.

Explore our past to see how you can change your future.
The CAC Challenge
Acquiring new customers affordably has been—and will continue to be—the largest challenge faced by modern retailers.
An Insider Perspective
We actually watched this crisis evolve from “the inside” in our roles at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Refinery 29. Then, we started co-op to develop solutions.
The Shopify Ecosystem
From 2016 to 2019, over one million Shopify shops around the globe drove a total of $319 billion in economic activity—with less than 5% building high-ROI partnership channels!
Our Vision
So, we began this journey on a mission to help modern retailers ask themselves a deceptively simple question: "How might we easily work with other shops to build win-win partnerships?"
Our First Members
In the beginning, we set out to find and connect well known, related brands that comprised a good piece of the ecosystem.

Leaving Big CAC Behind

CAC Was On A Rampage

Acquiring new customers kept getting more expensive. CAC would go up. And, up—with no end in sight, we realized it was time for something to give.

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Rethinking Partnerships

To make it easy for brands to find the right partners, we streamlined the co-op creation process. As a result, more shops were able to forge partnerships in our growing network.

Give More. Get More.

We built our co-op credit system around a simple win-win proposition — you earn credits when you give traffic to another co-op shop and you can spend those credits to get more traffic.

Learn about co-op credits
Evergreen Partnerships

With the introduction of co-op credits, we shifted the nature of partnerships from short-term, messy campaigns to long-term, mutually-beneficial customer acquisition channels.

Evergreen Partnership Guide
Partner Funnel Analytics

We designed co-op to help shops easily visualize and analyze their partnerships. From day one, a new co-op member is able to see the traffic we generate for your shop. You can actually watch traffic roll in.

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Eureka: One-click Partnerships

CAC Went Up Even More

As the pandemic raged around the world, CAC spiked higher and higher—breaking records and frustrating advertisers by decimating their budgets.

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Massive D2C Growth

In 2020, consumer spending went online. Nearly 41% of customers said they were now shopping online for things they would normally buy in-store.

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Simpler & Brand-Agnostic

We redesigned our post-purchase widget to be simpler and more easily customized — enabling shops to ensure an on-brand experience after every customer purchase.

AI Recommendations

We built in a more powerful recommendation engine that learns from each customer purchase and predicts the best products and brands to suggest in the co-op post-purchase carousel.

About the co-op engine
Smarter Surveys

Our post-purchase surveys help shops get the data they need to attract more and keep more customers. Better yet, the survey is optimized for ease-of-use for both shops & shoppers.

About post-purchase surveys
Natural Upselling

Annoying upsell pop-ups can alienate customers. An effective upsell must be simple, natural, and personalized. And, co-op made it easier to knock all three of those "musts" out of the park.

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Sophisticated Sales

Offering a discount shouldn't make your shop look like a thrift store. Without degrading the customer experience, we added sales & discounts into the co-op platform.

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2020: The Anti-CAC Stack

Meet The Collective

In early 2021, we're launching a storefront that features all of the amazing direct to consumer brands on the co-op platform.

Customer Profiles

We're building smarter customer profiles that can better target online window shoppers with an item they're likely to purchase.

Dynamic Upsells

Our recommendation engine will customize upsells for each customer based on their purchase history across the co-op network.

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Super secret projects in stealth mode

We have several projects in the works that are still in stealth mode. Make sure to subscribe to receive our product updates.

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2021: We Made It Smarter

Brand together with 200+ independent merchants

Each brand that's added to the co-op network is hand selected. Size doesn't matter. We're looking for merchants who are committed to branding together.

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The Bottom Line

Simple stats that make members smile.

Independent retailers
are reducing their acquisition costs & building stronger partnerships with their co-op
Click to conversion rates
one out of six clicks on the co-op post purchase widget results in a purchase
Net new customers
co-op merchants have increased their exposure, resulting in new customers

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Each brand that's added to the co-op network is hand selected. Size doesn't matter. We're looking for merchants who are committed to branding together.